The UAE steps back from the abyss with Iran .. By Andreas Krieg

We have seen quite a policy shift in Abu Dhabi towards Iran in recent weeks. While Abu Dhabi had been lobbying in Washington for a tougher stance on Tehran – against the interests of Dubai... Read more »

How Iranian MEK went from US terror list to halls of Congress .. By Ali Harb

As soon as Maryam Rajavi, her face beaming across a giant screen, finished speaking, the sky above hundreds of her supporters in the United States filled with red, white and green confetti –... Read more »

As Trump wages a race war, intellectual nationalists try to keep pace .. BY ISHAAN THAROOR

It’s a segment you should watch yourself. At a rally in North Carolina on Wednesday evening, President Trump rattled off mendacious statements about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), a Somali American politician who has... Read more »

Tunisia university entrance exams highlight regional disparities .. By Lamine Ghanmi

In the 13 most developed regions in Tunisia, students’ success rates ranged 32%- 49%. In the remaining 13 regions, the success rate was 16%-28%. TUNIS – Tunisian students from coastal areas had... Read more »

Why Sisi is Israel’s choice .. By David Hearst

You can imagine the telephone calls. A third heavyweight challenger has emerged to contest the presidential election and he is another former chief of staff, General Sami Anan. Military intelligence, loyal to the... Read more »

In Sinai, Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ will lead to more bloodshed .. By Amr Darrag

At US President Donald Trump’s « Peace to Prosperity » workshop in Manama, Bahrain, no Palestinian or Israeli officials were in attendance. The two-day event on what the White House describes as a « vision to empower... Read more »

Britain’s next prime minister could make Brexit worse.. By ADAM TAYLOR

Being British prime minister is a thankless job at the moment. Just ask Theresa May, soon to depart 10 Downing Street. May spent two years trying to work out how Britain should... Read more »

The global far right is here to stay .. By ISHAAN THAROOR

The recent European parliamentary elections offered some optimistic liberals a chance to gloat. “The so-called populist wave, I think it was contained,” declared Martin Selmayr, the influential secretary general of the European Commission. Speaking... Read more »

The Trump-Kushner peace plan looks doomed already .. BY ISHAAN THAROOR

The Trump administration unveiled Sunday its first significant move in a plan to forge peace between Palestinians and Israelis. It will lead a two-day “economic workshop” conference in Bahrain next month where U.S. officials... Read more »

Iran and the West: Can Europe restrain the US?

The schism between the United States and Europe over Iran bears the hallmarks of their friction over Iraq prior to the 2003 US-led invasion. Their current dispute is mainly over means not... Read more »