Revolutions, Reform, and Democratic Transition in the Arab Homeland: From the Perspective of the Tunisian Revolution

This article was translated by the ACRPS Translation and English Editing Department. The original Arabic version can be found here. Between April 19 and April 23, 2011, the Arab Center for Research... Read more »

Pilgrims flock to Tunisia’s Djerba Jewish festival

Daunting blanket of security is designed to display Tuni­sian government’s commitment to defending right of Tunisian Jews to continue living in peace despite jihadist threats. Djerba – More than 2,000 pil­grims gathered... Read more »

AlShahed… Youngest Prime Minister in Tunisia

When the Tunisian President Beji Qaid Sebsi surprised his people two months ago by announcing the initiative of composing a national unity government and said that the country needs a strong trauma,... Read more »

Secretary General of Tunisia’s Ennahda: Terrorism is a Real Challenge

Tunis – Former Tunisian Prime Minister and Secretary General of Ennahda Movement Ali al-Arid admitted that the challenges facing Tunisia and Libya are very serious and dangerous. Al-Arid, who was elected on... Read more »

youth against extremism – youth confused about future

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youth against extremism :post-revolution tunisian youth : destabilised mental health

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The economic discomfort  is one of the primary causes of extremism

extremists try to stigmatize ethnic and religious minorities as well as asylum seekers and refugees as the cause of economic discomfort  and the acceleration of the social divide. Read more »

Sufism wanted in Tunisia to heal « Arab spring » cradle’s « polycrisis »‏ by Lamine Ghanmi

Tunisia’s moderniser elites had long confined sufists and their ubiquitous shrines on the margins of society as they saw them as something of a hinderance than help to the country’s enthusiastic march... Read more »